Day one of the 34C3 is over. The new location in Leipzig is a lot more spacey and loftey, but I liked the old location in the CCH more.

Somehow I felt that there were fewer easter-eggs and hidden nuggets than in previous congresses. I guess everyone still needs to adapt to the new environment. Hopefully in the coming days there will be more.

Tomorrow will also be my first Angel shift as a volunteer.

Talks I watched today:

Der netzpolitische Wetterbericht A fairly standard Markus Beckedahl talk that covered possible upcoming legislation and political coalitions.

Inside Intel Management Engine Maxim Goryachy held this talk and I found it hard to follow the talk given his strong accent.

If you want to get into IntelME your are probably better advised to read the paper they released for Blackhat.

Relativitätstheorie für blutige Anfänger Steini is a really good speaker with intuitive explanations. If you haven’t understood the twin paradox - this is the place to go.

A talk that I missed, but will likely watch later is:

Squeezing a key through a carry bit A bug in the Golang Crypto library epxloited.