Sometimes I have a feeling that a lot of people do not know basic things about the world. To improve this I want to collect a summary of statistics that are really helpful for getting a better understanding of the world.

All of the statistics will be aggregated from some place so do not expect anything new if you are already well informed.

I want to start at very basic things and maybe dig deeper as I continue.


Today is gonna be about the top 10 countries by population.

My guesses for this of course were countries like India, China, USA, Brazil, …

# Country Population
1 China 1.4 Billion
2 India 1.2 Billion
3 USA 318 Mio
4 Indonesia 254 Mio
5 Brazil 203 Mio
6 Pakistan 196 Mio
7 Nigeria 177 Mio
8 Bangladesh 166 Mio
9 Russia 142 Mio
10 Japan 127 Mio


The most surprising entries for me were mostly some Asian countries I did not believe to be so highly populated. (Especially Indonesia and Pakistan) Also worth noting is Nigeria which I would not have guessed as Africas most populated country.