While daily news is all over the coronavirus, I want to try a long-term view on what changes will happen because of Coronavirus for the next decade.

Individual behaviour

  • More food stock is kept even in urban environments -> average supermarket cart size increases
  • Handshakes become less common, hugs/kisses reserved for close friends
  • Yearly flue shots become more popular even in healthy young people

The workplace

  • Home office has shown to be feasible during corona and companies find it hard to declare it infeasible after corona
  • It is not tolerated to come to the office sick


  • The work of medical personnel is valued more, leading to better work environments
  • Door handles do not need to be touched when leaving the bathroom
    • paper trash is outside the bathrooms so that wipes can be used to touch handles
    • doors can be opened by foot
  • Sanitary basics are met in every 1st world bathroom e.g. Berlin schools are not doing well[German]
  • Supply chains are more local. Simplicity of supply chains trumps short-term cost savings
  • High impact, low probability events receive more attention by management
  • Some processes that are non-timecritical now become asynchronous Social Welfare System in Austria[German]
  • Wearing face masks becomes socially accepted in western societies
  • The regulatory approval of telemedicine is expedited leading to better and cheaper health care

The US

  • Health Insurance for everyone and improved social welfare systems get even broader support
  • Limits on Sick days are mostly removed through legislation
  • Trump looses reelection because the dissonance between statements denying the effects of corona in Feb and March and the outcome over the following couple of months pierced even the more elaborate filter bubbles.
  • US+EU become more alienated long-term due to egoistic actions now

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