I naturally spend a lot of the time of the day in fornt of the ocmputer and therefore in front of a desk. Since it is very unhelathy to always sit the entire day I first started using a gym ball. This was a great improvement for my health feeling. But the ball was eventually ripped to pieces by my cats. What I wanted was a standing desk. The problem with standing desks is their price. I believe almost everyone with an office job has a hidden need for a standing desk but right now the prices are just unafforably high. Take Varidesk as example. Their models start at around 200 $ additional to your existing table.

In that price area you can nowadays already get an entire standing desk. When I read the IDEA Skarsky review I wanted one for myself.

Not wanting to spend 200 $ on a table when I already have one I decided to build my own. For all the normal stuff I can still use my old desk. The new desk is supposed to be just for a piece of paper and a laptop. Maybe also a monitor. Since I like building things with wood I went to the nearest Home-Depot-equivalent and bought some wood.

I considered a 40*80 cm existing wooden plank should serve as a surface. It is always nice to see a project come to life after you have imagined it in your head. Always an exciting moment when you have to put all the parts together wondering whether they will fit.

Components of the table

After having cut all the pieces I was first applying water repellant oil on it. This did not work out as well as I expected and left some stains on the wood. Later I drilled all the holes for the wooden plugs.

The final table

Taddaa… the final table.

Oh and I also used little wheels under two legs so I can easily move the table around.